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About Our Saop Maker


 Epic Natural Scents is a Family owned business. Our Body Products Maker is Carolyn, and her children and grandchildren are her support staff who add in differing vantage points to inspire creative ideas for the soap making process. Our family strives to make good Organic unrefined & healthy natural products. Most of our products are vegan based only, and just a few are not. Our equipment is sanitized before and after every batch of soap or product is created. Our soaps utilize many different types of essential oils, along with high grade body oils inspired by my grandmother’s belief that always said when cooking something, “If you can’t smell it, you’re not doing something right”. We keep that in mind when doing hot process as well as cold process soaps and products. Every item used is “food grade”. 

Natural Products


Our goal is to provide our customers the Natural alternative to its counter parts, All of our Products  are food Grade and Mostly Organic,we Have a wide variety of Products

Our Promise to You


We care about your questions and Concerns. you can email us at contact@epicnaturalscents.com   We are here to help and will do so in a timely  fashion 

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We currently Have 3 types of Masks


Charcoal / Tumeric /Herbal Masks

Based on Studies  Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin,  which can help you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.  Charcoal is not metabolized,  or absorbed by the body, but it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds.  

 Tturmeric face mask Can help reduce acne and some scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities of Tumeric can target your pores and calm the skin. 

 Herbal face masks will infuse all the natural nutrients into your skin so you have a refreshing, healthy glow. These herbal facials will soothe, cleanse, tone and moisturize your face while smelling amazing! 


Natural Herbs and Oils

We specialize in natural things and  products that include Essential Oils and high Quality Body Oils for

  • Aromatherapy. ...
  • Relaxeation  of  Sore Muscles. ...
  • Improved Hair Health. ...
  • Relief From An Itchy Scalp. ...


Sea Salt Soaps

Based on Studies  Salt helps to cleanse pores deeply, balance oil production and thwart bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne.  


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Send us a Message we also make specialty soaps on request

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Epic Natural Scents

2100 Dr MLK Jr St N St Pete FL 33704

(727) 481-6776




This is a new Location for us  we  are still working things out please call between 9 am and 6 pm and we will be  happy to set up a time to Greet you and share the Natural Plant Based Organic Products that we loved making